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For Rosalba the Salentine gastronomic tradition is not detached from the Salentine culture as a whole. There used to be a world, that has lived according to some particular customs and rules, of which gastronomy is only one aspect. This is the reason why we can not consider Rosalba as the usual cook.
Rosalba is fully a Salentine woman. It appears that today the Salento area has rediscovered only its own past music and traditional dances, but actually the culture as a whole is much more. This is why it is impossible to propose any typical gastronomy without its natural link with the convivial atmosphere belonging to the daily lifestyle.
Therefore it is unthinkable to propose today the authentic ancient Salentine gastronomy without having personally experienced the atmosphere belonging to this world and its everyday life.
Rosalba likes to share her memories with whoever is willing to listen and learn about ancient and delicious recipes. This happens both at “Alle Due Corti” Restaurant, where she offers her knowledge, and during meetings and seminars organized in Italy and abroad.


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