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Rosalba spends much of her time for "research".
Rosalba’s research is a constant commitment in order to prevent the natural bond between local traditions and ancient gastronomy from getting lost.
As a matter of fact, the knowledge of wild herbs and their use in gastronomy has almost entirely disappeared today. Actually they are not available in any market and only few people are able to distinguish this kind of herbs in nature.
So, Rosalba likes to make long walks along the seashore, sometimes in inaccessible places between cliffs and bare lands where you can find unusual plants as the 'mbrucacchia’, or ‘caroselle’, thyme and wild fennel, flavors and fragrances which can still surprise not only in the kitchen.
Rosalba also loves to pick up fruit for her jams and marmalades: cherries, oranges, grapes and so on.

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