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Due to her noble origins, she grew up between the paternal town, Copertino, and the maternal family feud and summer residence of Santa Barbara, where Rosalba got to know the peasant families lifestyle in their most authentic and genuine aspect.
As a matter of fact, since early childhood in contact with the farmers’ life, with which the Baron’s family lived in historical and natural symbiosis, Rosalba

engaged in the spirit of the country culture especially through the art of cuisine. At dinner, there is a particular atmosphere which is very different from the morning one, made of work and sacrifice. Dinner was the daily moment when the family met around a warm meal: through talking and comforting each other they found their essence.
These atmospheres in Rosalba’s memories are accompanied by flavors, aromas and a modest living that can still be found today, thanks to the magic of a dish.

Rosalba De Carlo belongs to one of the most noble families of Salento, the Barons Andriani De Vito from Corigliano d'Otranto.

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