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To reflect the importance of the local culinary tradition and culture, the University of Salento chose Rosalba as a case study. With Rosalba in mind, a conference sponsored by the Italian UNESCO Commission and ISNART (the National Institute for Tourism Research) was organized, during which recognition was given for both the cultural value of Rosalba’s knowledge and its tie to the history of the Salentine territory, and its economic value. Rosabla is an ‘in house’ resource working for a business in the tourism sector. She is, thus, an advocate for development throughout the territory. It’s upon this basis that the possibility of considering a particular culture, in this case gastronomic, a source of economic

A Conference about Rosalba     Her Book

Rosalba De Carlo

sustainability develops, especially because the activity is in harmony with the territory which produced it.
The conference will shortly be followed by the publication of the conference proceedings and the book upon which Rosalba has been working for some time. It is not just a simple recipe book, but the desire to narrate the history of a land starting from its flavours and seasoning it with recollections of the serenity of a childhood passed in the countryside.

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